What are the Consequences of Long Abstinence from Sex?

Sex is the not only inclination, but also well-being, both emotional and physiological. A family in which sex is regular and on a high quality is more durable than a family where getting pleasure is a very rarely process.

We all know that during sex, stand out endorphins – happiness hormones that improve our mood and restore mental state. Without them, the risk of long-term depression can appear in man or woman. Of course, there’s always a way, you can consume chocolate and do physical exercise, which entail the allocation of the same endorphins, but these are all simulated substitutes can only bring us happiness for an hour. Scientists have found that the refusal sex life, no matter what aim, will lead to unwarranted aggression and to control emotions will be very hard for you.

Psychologists, therapists, and doctors in one voice say that abstinence for more than a year is a significant stress to the body, and it is noteworthy to know that the body after such a long break in a sexual life cannot recover. Also, after a long abstinence in men or women may experience an aversion to the opposite sex. And he or she may lose interest not only to sex but also interested in building future relationships.

It was after the pause in sexual life, a man may lose potency, while women stop experiencing orgasms. In some cases, helps doctors’ intervention, but not always. Psychologists have long established that those individuals who have a systematic sex life, immunity 30% higher. Sex alleviates blood pressure, maintains the tone of blood vessels, it is an admirable preclusion of strokes and heart attacks.

If one of the partners does not obtain gratification from sex or often gets a failure in intimacy, he or she begins to look for pleasure in food, and sometimes in alcohol. But this can lead to very disastrous consequences. Also, a well-known fact, that the long absence of sex in women not only leads to deteriorating attitude and irritability but affects women’s health.

In line for to the long absenteeism of sex in women can progress such maladies as mastopathy, diseases of the uterus or ovaries.

As for men, in the nonattendance of intimate contacts, they run the risk of suffering thoughtful ailments. First of all, we are talking about what the boys start a sharp reduction in lean body mass. Complications arise in the cardiovascular system. In addition, the psychological state of a man is deteriorating.

But it is not permanently decent to have sex every day because it can also lead to negative consequences. Ideally, when partners have adjusted to each other and their sex is regular.

The demand for sex is different for everyone. Our sexual attraction is influenced by feeding habits, age and general condition of the organism, the peculiarities of sexual constitution, upbringing, psychological health, etc. From intimate relationships refuse persons, for example, after suffering sexual trauma or those who through the circumstances of life for a long time could not find a permanent partner. It also happens that individuals choose abstinence, not even noticing that this choice is made, essentially, authoritarian parent, who controls the life of adult son or daughter: in an effort to appease the father or the mother, the children unknowingly demonstrate their asexuality. But whatever it was, one of the most imperative factors in the restoration of sexual life is our own desire to do it.

As you can see, sex life is a completely individual thing, which depends entirely on us. We control the frequency of sexual acts and affect their quality. However, as if there was not a long absence of sexual activity negatively affects our physical and psychological condition.